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Electric Car Leasing Salary Sacrifice Green Scheme

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We are excited to announce the launch of our brand new, market leading Salary Sacrifice Car Leasing scheme, now available for all your company employees.

Put simply, a salary sacrifice scheme is where an employee agrees to exchange part of their gross salary and in return, the employer provides a non-cash benefit. In this case, a brand new car. Income Tax and National Insurance are then calculated on the new “lower” monthly salary. This means the employee will not pay any tax or national insurance on the part of their salary sacrificed to pay for their car.The employee will still be subject to paying Benefit in Kind Taxation otherwise known as (BIK) because the vehicle will be available for private use. However, with electric vehicles attracting such incredibly low BIK rates, there are huge tax relief savings to be made for the employee and generous national insurance contribution savings for the employer.

Key Information: The Important Bits

  • Market leading scheme with minimal risk to the business.
  • Long term sickness, maternity, redundancy & leavers all covered.
  • Salary Sacrifice can easily make premium brand electric vehicles more affordable through tax and NI savings.
  • Our Salary Sacrifice Scheme can be set up at no cost to your business.
  • It only takes a small amount of admin once a month to administer.
  • The scheme can be integrated into your HR portal.
  • A very attractive benefit that can assist with recruitment, staff motivation, and most importantly in today’s competitive market - staff retention.
  • Tax savings for both employer and employee.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility - reduce your business’ carbon footprint.
  • Just charge & drive - Fully comprehensive insurance; breakdown cover; all routine servicing; MOTs; replacement tyres; accident management all included.
  • No upfront deposit & fixed monthly budgeting.
  • Cars available from just £184.15 per month net including all the above benefits.
  • You can add your spouse, partner and/or kids on the policy.
  • We can assist in providing charging points & sale of existing vehicles.

Example: Audi Q4 e-Tron 55kWh Sport

Fixed monthly cost includes:

  • A brand new Audi e-Tron 55kWh Sport
  • All servicing & maintenance within normal wear and tear
  • Fully comp motor insurance
  • Annual road tax
  • Replacement premium-brand tyres (excl. winter tyres)
  • Roadside assistance
  • Licence check
  • Maternity leave protection
  • Resignation & redundancy protection

UK Carline can assist with:

  • Previous vehicle(s) disposal
  • Sourcing charging point(s)
  • Fleet management

Sample quotation (based on 36 month lease & 7,500 miles per annum)

  • Monthly gross rental (taken from gross salary): £640.70
  • Income tax saving: - £228.03
  • National Insurance saving: - £11.40
  • Pension: - £0.00
  • Employer contributions through employer NI savings: - £70.62
  • Benefit in Kind: + £14.00

Monthly net rental (effect on take-home salary): £344.65 per month with no deposit!

To lease the same vehicle on the same terms would cost a private driver approx. £768.84 inc. VAT per month.



  • UK-based businesses only

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