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Lease a BMW 1 Series from UK Carline and experience everything you'd expect from this world-class German manufacturer. A stylish hatchback that oozes elegance, it has charmed everybody from first-time drivers to seasoned motorists. Crowned the best Premium Lower Medium vehicle at the 2016 Business Car Awards, BMW 1 Series leasing is ideal for those looking for a sophisticated ride in Britain's towns and cities.

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Which BMW 1 Series should I choose?


With a vast selection of BMW 1 Series models that include the sought-after SE, Sport and Efficient Dynamics variants, UK Carline is your best port of call for straightforward leasing at an affordable price. All of the BMWs we stock are brand new and come with a full UK manufacturer's warranty too. With our fast delivery service you could be driving your BMW 1 Series in no time, so browse our site today and customise your quote to suit you. 

Choose Your Model Spec & Trim


As is typically the case with all premium BMW models, not every 1 Series is the same. You have the entry-level Sport Model, followed by the M Sport and the M Performance, while the trim you get is largely determined by which of these models you choose - in a BMW, the trim is part of the package.

The Sport model is no slouch at all, and that 'M' is one of the most trusted badges in the motoring world - it basically guarantees a powerful engine and a nimble, high-performance motor vehicle that delivers a sporty, racy driving experience.  The 1 Series M Sport includes an advanced aerodynamic package and high-quality finishing touches to optimise the performance of the engine.

In the M Performance, that engine is a 3.0-litre unit, while every element of the car trim is highly tuned to create an outstanding car that is as at-home on the school run as it is on the race track.


Choose Your Body Style


The BMW 1 Series comes in both three-door and five-door variants, giving you practical options to suit your family needs. BMW is careful to ensure that choice between three-or-five door doesn't noticeably affect the specification, meaning you can choose your body type based on practicality without worrying about losing out under the bonnet.

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