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Fiat 500 Hatch Leasing

Fiat 500 Hatch Business and Personal Leasing. If you are looking for a particular model of car then UK Carline can help. With over 8000 cars on our website, we can fit the needs of any of our customers and put them in a car that suits them. Just enquire online or call us today on 01995 641111!

We offer Fiat 500 Hatch and many more vehicles to lease. You can also customise your quote, so if you need a different mileage, a longer or shorter contract or you would like it fully maintained than we can help you with that. Use our car leasing search to find your perfect make and model and get in touch today to take advantage of the thousands of car leasing offers we have available.

Up to £223 (+ VAT) per month
  • 500 Hatch
    Special Offer
    Dec Delivery
    Fiat - 500 Hatch 3 Door Hatch 1.0 Mhev 70hp Sport Nav
    Monthly Lease From:
    £141.75 + VAT
    £1,275.75 + VAT initial rental
    View Deal
  • 500 Hatch
    Special Offer
    Full Electric – Zero Emissions
    Nov Delivery
    Fiat - 500 Hatch 3 Door Hatch 42kwh 87kw Icon
    Monthly Lease From:
    £191.47 + VAT
    £1,723.23 + VAT initial rental
    View Deal
  • Fiat 500
    3 Door Hatch Mhev 1.0 70hp Pop
    Monthly Lease From
    121.30 + VAT
    Initial rental £1,091.70 + VAT
  • Fiat 500
    3 Door Hatch Mild Hybrid 1.0 70 Dlcv P/lth
    Monthly Lease From
    123.19 + VAT
    Initial rental £1,108.71 + VAT
  • Fiat 500
    3 Door Hatch Mhev 1.0 70hp Connect
    Monthly Lease From
    123.90 + VAT
    Initial rental £1,115.10 + VAT
  • Fiat 500
    3 Door Hatch Mhev 1.0 70hp Lounge
    Monthly Lease From
    126.23 + VAT
    Initial rental £1,136.07 + VAT
  • Fiat 500
    3 Door Hatch Mhev 1.0 70hp Doclv Plus
    Monthly Lease From
    137.99 + VAT
    Initial rental £1,241.91 + VAT
  • Fiat 500
    2021 3 Door Hatch Mhev 1.0 70hp Launch Edition
    Monthly Lease From
    144.34 + VAT
    Initial rental £1,299.06 + VAT
  • Fiat 500
    3 Door Hatch 42kwh 87kw Passion
    Monthly Lease From
    202.79 + VAT
    Initial rental £1,825.11 + VAT
  • Fiat 500
    3 Door Hatch 42kwh 87kw La Prima
    Monthly Lease From
    222.07 + VAT
    Initial rental £1,998.63 + VAT

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Which Fiat 500 should I choose?

Small enough to negotiate busy inner-cities with ease, yet spacious enough not to feel too cramped on long motorway drives, the Fiat 500 has been an instant hit with drivers since relaunching in 2007. Choose UK Carline and arrange a fantastic Fiat 500 lease in no time at all. We stock a huge collection of Fiat 500s including the Pop, Pop Star and Lounge variants

Choose Your Engine Size

The Fiat 500 may catch the eye for its shape and style, but the engine is actually one of the car's most impressive features. The TwinAir engine released with the original relaunched Fiat 500 immediately began gathering awards, as reviewers were astounded to find so much performance being delivered by such a small engine. Even a 0.9-litre TwinAir can produce 105HP - more than ample for such a light and nimble car.

Since then, reduced-power engines have been produced for the even more economically minded, while the Diesel Multijet offers a different option for those looking to go even further on a full tank. However, each has been carefully designed to extract the best from the Fiat 500's unique capabilities.

Choose Your Trim

The key word for the Fiat 500 is 'fun'. While the engine gives driving pleasure, the fun is equally well reflected in the trim. The Fiat 500 could easily lay claim to being the most customisable car on the market.

When customising your Fiat 500 lease, you get the choice of 14 body colours, six-second skins and 13 interior layouts. On top of that, along with the usual bits and pieces like the choice of alloy wheels and seats, the 500's Uconnent radio system allows you to connect all your devices and operate them via the steering wheel. A truly modern heritage car.

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