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Toyota Prius Leasing

Toyota Prius Business and Personal Leasing. If you are looking for a particular model of car then UK Carline can help. With over 8000 cars on our website, we can fit the needs of any of our customers and put them in a car that suits them. Just enquire online or call us today on 01995 641111!

We offer Toyota Prius and many more vehicles to lease. You can also customise your quote, so if you need a different mileage, a longer or shorter contract or you would like it fully maintained than we can help you with that. Use our car leasing search to find your perfect make and model and get in touch today to take advantage of the thousands of car leasing offers we have available.

Up to £230 (+ VAT) per month
  • Toyota Prius
    Hatch 1.8 Hybrid Active Cvt
    Monthly Lease From
    181.69 + VAT
    Initial rental £1,635.21 + VAT
  • Toyota Prius
    Hatch 1.8 Hybrid Business Edition Cvt
    Monthly Lease From
    191.04 + VAT
    Initial rental £1,719.36 + VAT
  • Toyota Prius
    Hatch 1.8 Hybrid Business Edition Plus Cvt 15in
    Monthly Lease From
    202.20 + VAT
    Initial rental £1,819.80 + VAT
  • Toyota Prius
    Hatch 1.8 Hybrid Business Edition Plus Cvt
    Monthly Lease From
    207.61 + VAT
    Initial rental £1,868.49 + VAT
  • Toyota Prius
    Hatch 1.8 Hybrid Excel Cvt 15in
    Monthly Lease From
    209.87 + VAT
    Initial rental £1,888.83 + VAT
  • Toyota Prius
    Hatch 1.8 Hybrid Excel Cvt
    Monthly Lease From
    215.27 + VAT
    Initial rental £1,937.43 + VAT
  • Toyota Prius
    Hatch 1.8 Hybrid Business Edition Plus Cvt Awd
    Monthly Lease From
    229.81 + VAT
    Initial rental £2,068.29 + VAT

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Toyota Prius Plug-In Leasing Special Offer

The Toyota Prius is (arguably) the original hybrid car, and upon its release dominated the Japanese market.

It is the first production Toyota available that charges directly from the mains, and thanks to a combination of a 1.8 litre VVT-i petrol engine and a powerful electric motor, the Prius Plug-In has a potential range of 700 miles (That's the distance from Manchester to London, via Edinburgh) and a top speed of 112mph.

The Prius is a comfortable and near-silent drive, and well equipped for family use - coming equipped with as standard:

  • Toyota Touch Audio system (including Bluetooth, AM/FM radio, USB & iPod connectivity, CD player, 8 speakers, and rear view camera).
  • Heated front seats.
  • Smart entry & start.
  • Toyota Touch and Go Plus Navigation.
  • Cruise control.



toyota prius plugin contract hire
Toyota Prius Plugin Dashboard

The Toyota Prius Plug-In as a Business Lease?

Our Toyota Prius Plug-In lease deals are perfect for a company car driver looking to save money and cut costs.

The Benefit In Kind tax rating is just 5%: The Prius Plugin produces 49g/km of CO2, and has an average fuel economy of 134mpg. This equates to £27 a month for the 20% tax payer, which against the competition is extremely affordable. The Prius Plug-In is also exempt from the £11.50 per-day London Congestion Charge, offering potentially thousands of pounds saved per year.

For a more comprehensive guide to Benefit In Kind, please click here.

Car Leasing with UK Carline

At UK Carline, we have leasing offers on the Toyota Prius Plug-In hatchback and many more vehicles. We offer bespoke and online lease quotations which can be tailored to suit your personal or business needs, which can incorporate other mileages, larger or smaller up-front payments, or additional extras such as our comprehensive maintenance packages.

If you require more information on leasing a Toyota Prius Plugin, or car leasing in general, please ring us on 01995 641111, get in touch through our live chat service through the link at the top of the page, or email us and a member of our team can answer any questions you might have and help you make the right decision to benefit from the best car leasing offers available in the UK.

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