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Hybrid car leasing

Hybrid cars – which bridge the gap between diesel or petrol engines and fully electrical ones – have become more and more popular as climate change, reducing carbon emissions, and fuel economy all hot topics now. A hybrid car is not just for the environmentally conscious, but also those looking for a more efficient motor.


UK Carline have a wide range of hybrid car leases available, including classic Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) that combine an electric motor and a combustion engine working in tandem, as well as Plug-in Hybrids Electric Vehicles (PHEVs), hybrids which have a larger battery pack that can be charged via a plug like an electric vehicle. All hybrids operate in the same way as automatic cars.



What is a hybrid car?

What are the benefits of owning a hybrid?

What's difference between a HEV and a PHEV?

Should I choose HEV or PHEV?

UK Carline’s top hybrids


What is a hybrid car?

Hybrid cars, whether HEV or PHEV, are designed in slightly different ways depending on the manufacturer. However, all work in a very similar manner to one another.


Electric motor – The electric motor usually drives the car at low speeds, or when the car is idle.


Battery pack – Charged by excess combustion engine power, kinetic energy harvested when braking or decelerating, or in the case of PHEVs, power from a plug.


Combustion engine – Kicks in when higher speeds are required. Often smaller and more efficient than usual, as power is supplemented by the electric motor.


The drivetrain

The way in which a hybrid delivers power to its wheels differs between manufacturers, but there are three main types on the market today:


  • Series drivetrains receive mechanical power from an electric motor that’s driven by an internal combustible engine or battery.
  • Parallel drivetrains can be powered by the electric motor and internal combustion engine at the same time.
  • Series/parallel drivetrains allow the internal combustion and electric motors at the same time or independently – whichever suits the current driving conditions.


What are the benefits of leasing a hybrid?

There are all sorts of benefits to leasing a hybrid, making them perfect personal and business leases.



The biggest benefit hybrids have going for themselves is they’re far more efficient compared to full petrol or diesel cars. With hybrids, a computer controls the output of an engine that’s smaller than usual, supplemented by a completely green electric engine. This in turn is charged by excess power generated by the motor, resulting in a car that’s far cheaper to run and offers a far greater number of miles per gallon than conventional engines.


It’s also worth mentioning that with petrol and diesel prices often rising, a hybrid will help shield your motoring from fuel price movements.



One of the best things about Hybrids is that they emit drastically reduced levels of greenhouse gases, particulates and other pollutants. This places hybrid vehicles in lower tax bands than cars with combustion engines, saving businesses and individuals money every year, and helps fight climate change.


Unit cost

Hybrids have always cost more than conventional cars, but this is coming down as battery technology develops and becomes more ubiquitous. With a hybrid lease, this increase in unit cost is barely perceptible, and many of our hybrid models cost the same or less than comparable petrol or diesel cars. If they cost more, these extra costs are quickly offset by the fuel savings.


Higher resale values

Most hybrids can be sold second-hand for a lot more than their conventional counterparts, thanks to the growing movement towards mass ownership and the higher price of new hybrids.


What's difference between a HEV and a PHEV?

Hybrid electrical vehicles (HEVs) and plug-in hybrid electrical vehicles (PHEVs) are the two main types of hybrid vehicle on the market.




HEVs draw power from the electric motor, usually when setting off and when travelling at low speeds.


At higher speeds or when more acceleration is required, an internal diesel or petrol combustion engine kicks in.


However, combustion engines in hybrids are smaller normal, so if still more power is required, both motors will work simultaneously.


The electric motor is topped up by regenerative braking technology, and harnessing the extra energy produced by the combustion engine.


PHEVs are powered by the electric motor and battery system in situations


When the electric motor is fully drained, the internal combustion engine kicks in, acting much like a petrol or diesel generator.


The electric motor can be charged at home with a dedicate charge point or at a public charge points.


Should I choose HEV or PHEV?

Your choice between the two types of hybrid boils down to four factors.



HEVs are currently cheaper than PHEV vehicles, but the difference isn’t particularly great, especially when leasing. If you’re looking for a budget hybrid car however, go with a HEV.


Fuel costs

In terms of fuel cost, PHEVs outperform HEVs given that at the time of writing, electrical power is cheaper than petrol or diesel, and electricity can be free from employers. Most PHEVs can only go a certain distance on full electric power though, so it’s worth working out your average daily mileage to see if you’d be able to get by without using the backup fuel.


If you’re travelling long distances, a HEV is the more sensible option. You only have to worry about finding a petrol station, and with a PHEV you would either have to rely on a small generator to charge the engine, or wait for your car to charge at a charging station.


Hybrids are also perfect for business fleets, given that they give:


  • Reduced Benefit in Kind tax
  • No London Congestion Charges if emissions are below 75g/km
  • Plug-in grants from the government


Available models

HEVs are far more established compared to PHEVs, so there is naturally a wider selection of them available to drivers. If you’re not picky, though, there are still a good range of PHEVs on the market, and this number is increasing as the technology matures.


Environmental benefits

The environmental credentials of HEVs and PHEVs differ, but it depends how you drive them. PHEVs, by definition, are more environmentally friendly than HEVs, especially when in fully electric mode, and even when their internal combustion engines kick in, converting fuel to electricity first is a more efficient use of the fuel.


UK Carline’s top hybrids

There are a wide range of different hybrids available from UK Carline, from all kinds of manufacturers.


Volkswagen Golf

Just in case you thought the VW Golf couldn’t get any better, the company also offer the GTE model, a PHEV petrol vehicle that has a fantastic fuel economy of 99 MPG and emits just 38g of CO2 per km. As well as having a high-quality interior, the Golf GTE also does 0-62mph in just 7.6 seconds – a searing score for a hybrid.


Toyota C HR

Crossovers have always been about bridging the gap between powerful but fuel-guzzling SUVs and smaller but less physically capable saloons, and with the Toyota C HR 1.8 Hybrid Icon CVT, there’s finally a car that does power, beefy looks and plenty of space, alongside being beneficial for the environment. The HEV vehicle emits 86g/km of CO2 and does 74.3 MPG, and is available for a low monthly rental.


Toyota Prius

The car that kicked off the hybrid revolution, the Toyota Prius is one of the best known HEV vehicles out there, offering fuel consumption of 94.1 MPG and CO2 emissions of just 70g/km. Packed with plenty of features, it makes a brilliant family car.


Ford Mondeo Hybrid

Not a manufacturer usually attributed to hybrid vehicles, Ford have begun releasing a number of their vehicles with HEV engines, offering increased fuel efficiency and running costs. Their Ford Mondeo Hybrid is no exception – CO2 emissions run in at 92 g/km and it has 67.3 MPG in the fuel efficiency stakes, making it an inexpensive car to run.


Hybrid cars are a perfect way for drivers and fleet operators to save money and the environment in kind. Take a look through the UK Carline hybrid range using the search tool at the top of the page, or click here  (add link to electric car page when live) to see whether you could benefit from a fully electric vehicle lease.

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