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£100 Cashback on any offer on our main website! Simply let us know that you are a Staffordshire FA Member when enquiring!


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Staffordshire FA and UK Carline are working together to make a difference through football. Staffordshire FA have chosen UK Carline to be their preferred supplier of lease cars and commercial vehicles to their members. As part of this partnership, UK Carline will be offering members great value special offers and free impartial advice on leasing and motor finance for companies and private individuals. As a valued member of the Staffordshire FA, you will benefit from the following:

  • Bespoke offers for Staffordshire FA members
  • £100 Cashback on any other offer on our main UK Carline website
  • GAP Insurance included free for 3 months
  • Free Ply-lining on all commercial vehicles
  • Dedicated account management
  • Dedicated Phone Line
  • Free Delivery
  • Free Fleet Advice

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Who are UK Carline?

We have been leasing cars for over 18 years, and between us have over 150 years’ experience in the automotive industry.
Our goal is to be your first choice for car and commercial vehicle leasing, and to exceed your expectations for service, quality, and value. We will work tirelessly to deliver more than promised: being honest, fair, and going beyond expectations to provide a personalised service and memorable customer experience.

Our company motto is “It’s not just a rental, it’s a relationship”, and we really mean it. We like to build trust, understanding, and strong relationships not only with our customers, but with our funders, partners, suppliers, manufacturers and partners, such as Stafforshire FA.

Why should I lease from UK Carline?


  1. No major upfront costs.

    There is no need for a major outlay to acquire your new vehicle. A small initial rental is usually all that is required. This is usually equal to 3, 6 or 9 times the monthly rental. As a Staffordshire FA member we'll be happy to personalise a special offer to suit your budget.

  2. Fixed outgoings

    All of our leases are on a fixed interest basis, and will remain constant irrespective of what happens to bank base rates, which enables you to maintain accurate budgeting.

  3. Tax deductible

    All of the rentals paid under a lease agreement are treated as an operating cost, and therefore can reduce the taxable profit on the business by as much as 100% of the total rental payable. As a Staffordshire FA member we're happy to help you with free, impartial advice of tax-efficient and cost efficient motoring.

  4. Alternative funding source

    In using a lease to acquire a vehicle, customers protect their other lines of credit, such as loans or overdraft facilities and conserve any available capital, thereby matching the funding to the working life environment.

  5. Ability to have the best product available

    The cheapest option is rarely the best option in the long term. With business equipment it is often imperative that the very best machine with the latest technology is obtained by the client. This often applies with company vehicles. In using leasing rather than outright purchase, it is easier to rationalise the more expensive product than the quick fix.

  6. Reduced administration

    On a fully maintained lease, there is an option for fixed-cost funder maintenance - which pays for all servicing, parts, labour etc. for the duration of your contract.

  7. No disposal worries

    Whether you are leasing personally or through the business, this is a worry we can eliminate. All the residual risk is taken by the funder. There would be charges if there is damage over and above fair wear and tear or if the mileage allowance is exceeded. These costs are all controlled and monitored to ensure the individual or business is protected from over charging. The majority of capital asset acquisitions are for one of two business purposes: to gain the use of the item leased or to save money. Small upfront costs with a lease means the business can obtain the vehicle and then experience the benefits of use in order to gain additional profits to fund future leases.
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